Other Players

An easy way to control the other players in your house and to transfer playlists between them.


What does this plugin do?

This plugin provides a new menu on your Squeezebox/Squeezebox Controller, called Other Players. It lets you select any of the other players that are connected to your Squeezebox Server and provides ways of controlling them. You can currently do the following:

  • Transfer the playlist from the other player to your current player (Grab Playlist)
  • Transfer the playlist from your current player to the other player (Send Playlist)
  • Turn on/off the other player
  • Adjust the volume on the other player (not on Squeezebox Controller)
  • Sync/unsync with the other player

How do I use this plugin?

You must have more than one player connected to your Squeezebox Server in order to use this plugin! Once this plugin has been installed, a menu called OtherPlayers should appear in the Extras menu on your player. This menu will list the other players connected to your Squeezebox Server. Select the player that you want to control and go right. The rest should be self-explanatory. This plugin is not designed to be used from the Squeezebox Server web interface, although a settings page will be provided there in the future.

Adding Other Players to the HOME menu

Although you could continue to access this plugin from the Extras menu, it has been designed to be added to your HOME menu for quick access. To do this, go to Settings in the Squeezebox Server web interface and then in the player settings for each player select Menus. Under ‘Inactive menu items’, select ‘Other Players’ and click the Add button. The Other Players menu will now be added to the bottom of the HOME menu - you can move it up to a different position using the Up arrow to the right of the menu name.

Thanks to…

Several people have helped me in the development of this plugin and thanks are due to all. In particular, thanks to:

  • Eric Koldinger, from whose Grab Playlist plugin I stole the grab/send playlist code
  • Adam Reeve, for the code to add Squeezebox Controller support
  • Seb, for the French translations
  • Kuben72, for the Danish translations
  • Sören Öman, for the Swedish translations