Volume Guard

  • VolumeGuard.zip

Do you ever find you're in the middle of listening to your favourite track when your other half suddenly announces that the volume is far too loud and turns it down for you? If so, this may be the plugin for you! VolumeGuard detects "unauthorised" changes in volume and stealthily restores the original volume. Changes are made in small increments over a period of time, so with any luck they won't notice! Volume changes can be authorised by pressing 0 immediately after changing the volume. Please note: there is currently no way of authorising volume changes via the web interface — I'm open to suggestion as to how this could be done. I accept no responsiblity for any undesirable domestic situations that result due to the use of this plugin. :-)

To install this plugin, simply copy VolumeGuard.pm to your Squeezebox Server Plugins directory. The amount by which volume is adjusted back towards the original level, and how often this adjustment takes place can be changed by editing the variables at the top of the file. You must restart Squeezebox Server for these changes to take effect. Due to the covert nature of this plugin, no interface is provided within the client or web pages.